I was able to squeeze in some free time during my visit to El Paso for some TX shopping. I figured I would take advantage of being in TX by visiting the cowboy boot factory. This was definitely a sensory overload!

It seemed that finding the perfect pair would take a little while since there were sooo many options. Different colors, styles, and even leather. I have to thank the lady that worked with me since I probably sent her to the back room at least 15-20 times to bring out options for me to try on. Eventually I found a pair and even had time to pick out a pair for Eric. I think he deserved a gift since he was home watching Sura all week. We had them shipped to Atlanta so I’m hoping they arrive soon!

Eventually, it was time to head back to Atlanta. Luckily, this time I had a window seat and could actually look outside.

(Air view of El Paso)

( Just a few minutes later, it was all desert)

So that wrapped up my trip to El Paso. Maybe next time I can go when I am not working and explore the city a little more. I will definitely miss the humidity-free air and tasty Mexican food!