One of the highlights of my trip to El Paso was the Mexican food and wow was there a lot of it. I think I doubled in size after spending a week there! Once we arrived we immediately asked for the local, “hole in the wall” place to eat. It was a place called L and J’s which was well-known by everyone we asked so we definitely wanted to try it. Once we entered the restaurant, we took a table by the bar and began to look over the menu. After about 20 min of waiting, we looked around and realized that no on was eating. Did we come to the right place? Well, we must have looked confused because eventually a server came over and informed us that this was the bar area and the restaurant was on the other side.  But, she took our order anyways and brought some chips and salsa. I knew the food was going to be good when I took a bite of the freshly fried chips and homemade salsa. Sooo yummy!

    Soon our food was brought out. I had 4 Mexican enchiladas rojas and a bowl of guacamole. It was delicious with all of its cheesy goodness. The even more amazing part was that my entire dinner came out to exactly $3.03. Not bad for dinner and I was completely stuffed after eating all of it.

    This would just be the beginning of some really good eating in El Paso. The next few days were filled with multiple bowls of guacamole, chips, and different salsas.



(These were tacos that I clearly enjoyed!)

We even tried a nice restaurant, Cafe Central,  in the historic downtown area for lunch one day. This was a very formal restaurant but it was highly recommended so we tried it during lunch since the dinner prices were a little out of our budget. I was feeling really stuffed and unhealthy from all the eating days before so I tried to go a little lighter with soup and salad. It was still really tasty and I ended my meal with a slice of homemade tres leches cake.

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is explore through food. I had a wonderful taste of El Paso and it is something I will miss in Atlanta. Although, now that I am back home, I think it will take a few more runs to burn off that cake and all the guacamole! LOL  🙂