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Working out lately has been a little more difficult. I have tried to go back to my gym but found that the new times just were not working for my schedule and I was only really using it for yoga classes. This was not ideal since it is costing me $70/month. Unfortunately, the gym also has some silly policy which basically says it will take 2 months for the cancellation to take effect. I am slightly annoyed but what can I do. So I am riding it out until Oct. Hopefully by Oct, it will be cool enough outside to include outdoor activities in my routine. Besides being slowed down by all the work travel and limited class times that I can attend, I am still trying my best to pick up the pace.

Now that I am starting to slowly get back in my exercise routine, I have made a new discovery that I am absolutely obsessed with, Coconut water. I tried to supplement working out with protein drinks but I did not have a good drink to help with hydration. I’m not a huge fan of sports drinks and I needed something more than just water to keep me going, especially with those p90x workouts. So, after a little research, I decided that coconut water is the best all natural option.

Zico is one of 3 main brands but it is the only one that recently was found to have accurately listed its nutritional value. Apparently the others may have exaggerated a little. Anyways I really enjoy this drink option. It’s basically like sticking a straw in a coconut plus it’s healthy and natural with nothing added in the drink. Now that I found a drink that I like, let’s hope this helps to keep me on track.