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We had the reception at Park Tavern in Midtown Atlanta. We were given some time to relax before entering the main tent area where there guests were gathered. After we were introduced it was time for the first dance. Eric and I are big Incubus fans so of course our first dance would be one of their songs. We danced to the song “Echo.” Now, we considered taking a dance class but that never actually happened. We practiced for a few seconds in the other room but besides that we pretty much just decided to figure it out on the dance floor. It may not have been the best choreographed dance but we had fun.

Next was the parent dance. We decided to do the father-daughter/mother-son dances together. Now we are not huge country music fans but we thought that this one Rascal Flatts song had the perfect lyrics. So after toasts, we went on the dance floor and shared a moment with our parents to the song, “My Wish“. Now I’m not sure about Eric and his mom, but my dad and I had practiced to the song a few days before. Everything went well, we even stopped focusing on the dancing and actually had time to talk. My dad gave me a hug, said a few words and next thing you know we were both teary eyed. It was one of my favorite moments with my dad.

One thing that was unique in our wedding was that we flew in a professional dancer from Los Angeles to attend the reception and lead all the dancing. You are probably confused but this tends to be a little more common in Filipino parties. All the ladies in my family, especially my mom, LOVE to dance but their husbands are not as enthusiastic. So, having the dancer would take care of those needs, plus get everyone on the dance floor. He was awesome and everyone had a good time. I even saw some of Eric’s aunts dancing with him. My mom is a total natural at dancing and had a little solo dance. I definitely recommend this for all parties!!!

A few posts from back in the beginning I discussed the cake pops, miniature desserts, and dessert stand. Well everyone finally got their chance to see it put together.

My friend, Laura, made the mini desserts and did a fabulous job. I heard people raving about them days after the wedding. After what felt like a whirlwind, it was time to say goodnight to a wonderful day. We left running down an aisle lined with all our friends and family holding sparklers. (I recommend having a wide space for this. There were definitely a few times I thought part of my dress had caught on fire lol).

All in all, I think the whole day was a success. The guests all said they had a great time and I can see that in all of the pictures. It was wonderful sharing this day with our friends and family and it is a day that I will never forget!

(All pictures are from Jamie Howell Photography. You can see other pics from our wedding on his website)