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Okay, back to where I left off. I headed upstairs to take some pre-wedding shots with the photographer. My aunt came with me to help carry the dress so it wasnt dragging everywhere. I took the elevator up from the bridal room to the actual Cathedral. I was just about to step off when the photographer and my aunt shuffled me back into the elevator. Apparently Eric and the guys were right outside. I actually caught a glimpse and if Eric would have turned his head, he would have seen me! Luckily, the photographer saw this coming and we avoided them 🙂

(a pre-ceremony picture inside the Cathedral)

Soon it was time to gather everyone together. It was a few minutes to 2pm and the ceremony was going to begin. I looked at my dad, gave him a hug, and headed towards the entrance. We had a traditional Catholic Filipino ceremony. It went by so fast. I felt like Just got to the altar when I was hearing the priest say “you may now kiss the bride”

It was a great ceremony and I was so excited to be standing up there next to Eric. Afterwards, the wedding party and family members gathered for pictures. I will say that I felt bad for my photographer at some points. He had the challenge of battling our families in trying to take pictures. Our family tried to sneak in their own personal shots or give the photographer “advice” on what pictures would be best. Luckily, he handled it with ease and we ended up with great pictures as you can see!

It was time to get in the trolley and head over to Piedmont Park for more pictures before the reception. It’s interesting to think back on this because all I can remember is just being really happy and excited. I was now married to a great guy and celebrating with our family/friends on the trolley. If only time could just slow down! Once we arrived in the park, we walked out to take some pictures. I really was lucky in terms of weather. The week before the wedding it was 100+ degrees in Atlanta and on that particular day, the high only reached 87. Ummmm is that not perfect?! That is much lower than an average July afternoon in Atlanta. We took some formal pictures and a few fun ones like this one

All together it was a wonderful day. Now it was time to start the party at the reception!


(*all pictures are from our photographer, Jamie Howell)