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We decided to join some friends on a local trip to the Red Brick Brewery in Atlanta. I had never been to Red Brick but I knew I liked their beer so I was excited to check it out. The offer tours which include a pint glass, 4 drinks, and a tour of the brewery. Once we arrived, we took our glasses and went straight to the bar to get our first taste of one of their beers. It was a pretty relaxed place and they had games so we went to play some cornhole outside. Did I mention that I’m pretty bad at that game??

After a few bad shots, I thought it was best to let Eric play and I would walk around until the tour started. They had these really neat posters. Since the beers can only really be found in the Southeast, they had some fun decor highlighting that fact. Take this poster as an example:

(This was my favorite poster)

If it is not clear, the word in the brown area (or the rest of the country outside the Southeast) is “you all.” Finally, it was time to go on the tour. It was your basic beer tour, hear the history, tour the warehouse, see some of the basic ingredients, etc.

(Eric in front of some of the “products”)

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing the tastings and just catching up with friends. All in all a nice afternoon. I do have one recommendation. They need to have some of the food trucks that we saw in the Highlands stationed outside because I was craving some snacks by the end of the afternoon 🙂

Workout sidenote: I have picked up my yoga practice and it has been great! I definitely missed practicing and it helps relieve some stress, which I have had a lot of lately!