So once we finished our hair and make-up, we had some food then hopped on the trolley to the church where we would get ready.

(boarding the trolley outside my parents’ house)

The trolley was really one of the best decisions I made when planning. It was so comfortable and spacious. We all had a lot of stuff to bring and it all fit with lots of room to spare. I couldnt imagine fitting in a limo or car. As soon as I got in the trolley, time began to pass very quickly.

We arrived at the church and went straight to the bridal room. I pulled out my dress and shoes and (with the help of my aunt) it was time to get ready!


(Another picture of my blue shoes!)

I really loved my shoes and they ended up being far more comfortable than I imagined. I think I lasted a good 8-9hrs in them straight!


(Pulling the dress out)


(My aunt lacing up the back.)

She did it in less time than the estimated 45min! Awesome 🙂

I will say that at this point I was very excited but also nervous and anxious. I couldnt believe that it was finally time and the big day was here. I dont think it really hit me until I was in that room getting ready. I have to thank all the ladies that were there to calm me down and got me to relax. (The bite size brownies in the room also helped!)

As soon as I was finished getting ready, I went to the Cathedral to take some pre-wedding pics.

*(all of the photos were taken by our photographer, Jamie Howell)