One Wed night, I decided to head out to the Highlands to find some dinner since I was not really in the mood to cook and it was a little cooler outside so walking was actually comfortable. On my way, I saw a group of people gathering in a lot with several trucks lined up in a circle. As I got a little closer, I realized that the trucks were food trucks! What a pleasant surprise!! Eric and I walked over to scope it out and we found some really neat themed food trucks.

(Eric walking to see the food trucks ahead of me)

There were several tasty options including barbecue, tacos, burgers, and dessert. I was immediately overwhelmed with the choices so I decided I will just need to come back to try them all. No need getting stomach pains from eating too much! Before we left, I found a truck dedicated to treats for dogs. Sadly I did not have Sura with me but I didnt let that stop me from buying her a little treat. Sura doesnt really like being outside in the summer so we leave her home for most trips out. They offered doggie ice creams and cookies. I went with the cookies since the ice cream would probably melt before we made it home. Apparently, the trucks will gather here on a regular basis on Wed nights as detailed on their website. We will definitely need to come back and try the other types of food soon!