While in DC, I decided to take advantage of my proximity the Georgetown area. There are always great shops and restaurants in that part of town and the weather finally cooled off enough to walk the few blocks from the hotel to Georgetown. I decided I would get some dinner at Mie N Yu. It looked like a neat place and advertised having food representing American cuisine with accents of the ancient silk road. Sounded good to me. I was seated at the Moroccan area.

 (from Mie N Yu site)

I ordered a few tasting dishes such as the duck spring rolls, lamb kabob, and mussels in coconut chili sauce which were really good. I know that sounds like a lot but the portions were really small since they are just “tasters.” (plus I was also sharing). Although I was a little surprised that they charged me for the small bowl of white rice. I mean really?! Must be a “georgetown” thing. The bar/lounge area looked really nice so I may need to come back on a weekend night the next time I am in town.

Walking around Georgetown really made me miss this city. I also wished that Atlanta was a little more “walker” friendly. It was nice being able to step outside and walk around the city seeing different shops and boutiques. Maybe one day we can move a little closer.