One thing that I started to struggle with as the wedding approached was the idea of possibly changing my last name. I never really gave much thought to it until finally I was asked what I planned to do with my name and I couldnt think of a response. I have always liked my last name, especially because it is unique and represents my culture and where my family is from. I will say that I have taken my fair share of people butchering the pronunciation of my name. But at the same time, I viewed changing my name as that next step with marriage and it representing a new chapter in life with Eric and our future family.  Plus his last name is a lot easier to spell and say.

I talked about it with Eric and though he had his own opinion about the matter, he assured me that is was completely my decision. Finally, we made the trip to the courthouse to get our marriage license. There is a box where they ask what your last name would be once married. I made the decision on the spot, wrote it down and signed. I would take Eric’s name and make my maiden name my middle name so I wouldnt lose it completely. I immediately felt very excited and knew it was the right choice.

There are pros and cons to changing your name but I know that this was the best choice for me. Now it is time to start switching over accounts and emails. I think I’m going to hold off on legally changing until after our trip to Argentina. The tickets were booked with my old name and I do not want to deal with TSA issues. Another new beginning…a new name!