Time for a sweet break from wedding posts. Eric and I decided to go on a little trip to High Road Ice Cream with a friend of ours. High Road is an emerging company specializing in craft ice creams and sorbet. For those in Atlanta, they are located in northern Atlanta, just outside the perimeter. We arrived in a small, empty office lot where there was a line of people standing outside a small building. As soon as we walked up, a lady began offering us samples of the ice cream they had available. I had a taste of the caramelized peach, green tea, and hazelnut ice creams. They were all amazing!! High Road tries to use local products and keeps the ingredients all natural. The list of speciality ice creams available ranged from french toast to red velvet to gin and juice.

(Picture from Destiny Organics)

Now immediately I thought this had to be really fattening. But they said that their ice creams actually have a lower amount of fat compared to commercial ice creams. They offer a tour of the facility but we skipped the tour to take more time tasting samples. They are not sold in stores for now but you can pick up your ice cream on Sat mornings. Apparently they will be stocking a few in select Whole Foods so keep I plan on keeping and eye out! This was well worth the drive up (and the traffic). We bought pints of chocolate peanut butter pretzel, salted caramel, and green tea. There goes all of my progress working out! Yummmm