I had a hard time falling asleep before the wedding. It was a mixture of anxiety, nervousness, and the fact that everyone in the house was up celebrating and I wanted to join in! I woke up the day of the wedding around 7am after finally falling asleep around 3am. It was time to hop in the car and head to the salon where I would meet the wedding party. I packed breakfast for everyone and picked up some coffee (the key things to keep everyone moving throughout the day!) Not only was the wedding party at the salon, but a few aunts and the moms decided to join too so the party started early for us. Even though I only had a few hours of sleep I was excited and ready to start the day.


My hair is very straight and it took a lot of curling, hair rollers, and hairspray to keep my hair in the style I wanted. (I’ll show the final hair and make-up look later) Then after hair it was time to sit for make-up. Lets just say my morning involved a lot of sitting still.

It was cooler than normal outside and there was light rain which concerned me since even a drop of water would make my hair straight! Luckily, as we started to wrap up the clouds lingered which kept it nice and cool and the rain stopped. It made me happy to think that I might just have perfect weather for the big day!