Okay, I honestly cannot believe it is Thursday already. Time is going a little too fast for comfort and yesterday feels like a complete blur. I tried to wake up early to finish last minute projects yesterday in anticipation of the final venue walk-through. It was a little difficult waking up considering we arrived late the night before from our day trip to Alabama. Anyways, waking up early didnt really make a difference since I felt I was rushing to each errand and barely made some of the appointments on time. We arrived at Park Tavern and basically went through a quick summary of the reception. It worked out really well and I’m hoping the reception will run as smoothly as the practice.

I am now working on assembling all of the favors. This was sort of the purpose of the AL trip. Luckily my aunt agreed to help me with the favors and I had to go pick them up with supplies yesterday. So we made a little trip to AL (thankfully its only a little over 2hrs away). My parents and I went so I didnt even have to drive. Woo!

The ceremony programs were printed to now came the task of having to fold them all. We hung out at my parents’ house, turned on some music, and let the folding marathon begin.

There was a lot going on in the kitchen, even Sura kept busy exploring the new house!

Eric is a pro at folding!

I was able to take some time to “quality check” the peaches (they were sooo yummy) for the guests and squeeze in dancing time with Eric and my dad. People have already arrived from out of town so I anticipate time going even faster now. But, I will always make sure to take a second, breathe, and enjoy!


  • Wed: ~30 min run

Wedding countdown: 2 days