Pure chaos has begun! My parents arrive a few days ago and it has been non-stop wedding activities, all while still going to work. Luckily, today was my last day in the office so I can now fully focus and prepare. A while back, I worked on a wooden box that would be the cardbox. Well, it was really lacking so my crafty mom was able to use some of the leftover supplies we had from other projects. Here is the new and improved box:

While my mom was working on that, I tried to finish up the menu cards that will be at each setting. I bought some cardstock, then created a simple template to print 2 long menus on each page.

Each of these menus will be inside of the folded pocket napkin.

Now for an update on my hives situation. Well, I think I gave myself enough allergy meds over the past few days because  I have been sleeping nonstop! I just wanted to make sure I took enough to relieve the problem but to say I felt drowsy is a complete understatement! I could barely keep my eyes open the few minutes I was awake. Those days were sort of a blur but as long as it is better by Saturday, I will do anything! On a more exciting note, I picked up my wedding dress and veil from the bridal store today! It is all set from being pressed and hanging in the other room of my house. Yay, only a few more days 🙂

workout: not to make excuses but it was hard to workout when I was in a allergy daze the past few days

Mon- 30min run, that was honestly all the time I could squeeze in!

Wedding countdown: 4 days