I absolutely love philosophy products. All of the fragrances are light and fresh and the boxes all have a really cute theme. So when I tried to think of a gift ideas, philosophy automatically popped into my head. I began searching through the list of products and they actually have a few that are dedicated to gratitude and thank you gifts. My favorite one is called “with gratitude” which is a bottle of body/shampoo/bath gel. After searching the internet I found an even better surprise, Amazon sells them! Ever since getting an Amazon Prime account, I buy everything now on the site since it ends up being cheaper, and there is no shipping or tax (at least for now).

I ordered one just to see if I liked it and it was perfect!

It came as a 16oz bottle. I think this is a great idea just for an everyday gift or a small thank you gesture. I need to see all the other themes they offer as potential presents 🙂

As a wedding sidenote, things have been getting a little chaotic. On top of all the last-minute projects and meetings, I ended up having an allergic reaction to something yesterday and started to break out into hives! Yikes, why does this have to happen so close to the wedding?! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out before next weekend.

wedding countdown: 7 days