With only a few days until the wedding, it was time to start finishing up projects I have started. I have been buying small things( treats, drinks, and other) to include in our out of town bags that will be distributed at the hotel. Now it was time to prep and stuff the bags. I was definitely not expecting this to take more than an hour. Wow was I surprised! Since the planner is dropping them off in the hotel, I had to put the bags in boxes so they could be easily transported. We opened and set each bag, then stuffed them with colored tissue paper, and eventually all of the treats. I ran out of wedding bags so I went and bought brown paper ones. At least this way they were sturdy and could be recycled.

Luckily Eric was able to help me so this was a team effort!

We added a few more items for the guests including a coca cola (another Georgia staple) and some advil just in case. Hopefully our guests will enjoy!!

workout: these have been really lacking lately

  • Wed- 60min spin class

wedding countdown: 8 days