It is always nice to have 3 day holiday weekends. This year, Eric and I wanted a low key weekend relaxing since the big day is approaching fast. In trying to decide what our plans would be, I received a text from my aunt inviting us to their new home in Montgomery, AL. So Eric and I decided this would be a fun little trip for part of the weekend since it is just over 2hrs away driving. Sun morning we hopped in the car with the dog and off we went. We arrived at the base in the afternoon just in time for lunch. Recently I had complained about how hot it has been in Atlanta but now I understand this was just to prepare me for the heat in Montgomery. Wow was it VERY warm there! I couldnt even stand out side for more than 10 seconds without breaking a sweat. I’m sure Sura hated it! Luckily there is very adequate air conditioning.

Their house is beautiful and right across the street were planes. Normally I would have just walked over to check them out but I soon realized this would be an activity for later in the day when it started to cool off.



I thought it was pretty cool to have these right outside your house!


  • Mon~ 45 min shoulders, bi, tri

Wedding countdown: 11 days