Ok, I finally have a chance to write about my fun bridal shower. Everyone gathered at Seasons 52 for lunch, drinks, and games. The theme was “dessert” since I absolutely love desserts and it’s my favorite part of any meal. I was very excited to see my family, friends, and even Eric’s family came down from NJ. My bridesmaids and mom planned the whole day with a few games in between for people to get to know each other and celebrate this exciting time. I had a wonderful time chatting with everyone. One of my favorite activities was making wedding dresses with toilet paper! The food was yummy and I think everyone had a good time. Here are a few pictures to sum up the occasion!

My mom made each of these name tags for everyone. Isnt it pretty!

Dessert themed flower centerpieces

Toilet paper wedding dress competition

An ornament my future mother in law had made for us 🙂


  • Thurs- ~60min karate
  • Fri- ~30min run, 30min weights and abs

Wedding countdown: 14 days