Besides having the peanuts and jelly beans in the out of town bags, I decided to add some other things. One of the items is something that I thought could actually be useful. I am a little “germaphobic” and when I travel, I like to have soaps and sanitizer with me but sometimes it isnt always available. So I thought this could be a small addition that guests might appreciate. I saw on a deals website the bath and body works was having a special. I also had a group deal coupon to use at their store. So after searching online, I found these small blue bottles which were perfect for our blue theme.

These little bottles are great for carrying around. After using the deals and coupons, then deciding to pick it up at the store (and not pay for shipping) the final cost came out to ~$0.22/ea. Definitely pleased with my purchase!


  • Wed ~60 min legs and back

Wedding countdown: 17 days