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I decided early on that I would do welcome bags for all of our out of town guests. The majority are staying at the hotel where we have a wedding block, with a few scattered around other places. The out of town bags would mainly be given at the hotel since it is just easier to focus on one location with the bulk of the people. A few months ago, I ordered wedding themed bags which I can show once everything is compiled together. There are some standard things I want to put in the bags but I also wanted something that welcomed guests to Atlanta, especially if it is their first time. So, it was time to think of things that represent Georgia. The first thing that came to my mind was good…peaches and peanuts!

Now, I originally intended to put a peach in each bag but soon realized that they would probably get smashed or bruised and it would create a giant mess. Instead, I found peach jelly beans that say “Welcome to Georgia.” While browsing, I also found individual sized bags of Georgia Peanuts! Hooray 🙂 I have 2 additions for my bags!!!

(ordered from georgiagiftsforless)

Workout: This has really been lagging since all my time is spent at work or wedding planning!

  • Sun- ~50min cardio
  • Wed-~50min cardio

Wedding countdown: 24 days