When I first started thinking about the tables, I wanted to find a way to do something a little different. Eric and I have had the opportunity to visit and travel to some really fun places together. We love to travel and wanted this to be reflected in the wedding. So, I decided that each of the tables would be named after one of our favorite places. Each table would have a location, a picture of us there, and a few sentences summarizing our visit. Once I had the idea, I started searching the internet to see how I could make it work.

For the sake of easy seating, I decided that each table would need a number so that guests could find their assigned number then sit at the table and see the actual pictures and stories. Now, this is just my personal opinion, but I really do not like the normal wire table number holders. They remind me of fast food places where you get your number on a stand and wait at the table for your food to come out. I found these Tolsby frames from ikea that can hold two pictures. For my purposes, one side would be the number, and the other would have the location, picture, and story.

Here are examples of the ones I will used for the tables:

I bought silver paper and printed the numbers in blue ink. This was definitely an easy DIY crafts project for the wedding and now we have a little personal tough to share with our guests 🙂


  • Sat- ~60 min chest and back

Wedding countdown: 28 days