It is official. Today, we are exactly 1 month from the big day! It is really amazing how fast time seems to be passing by. As much as I feel we have finished, there is still so much more to do. Thankfully the “big stuff” seems to be taken care of so now it is just a matter of figuring out the smaller details and logistics. I like to think about when the engagement period began, time for a flashback.

The Proposal. Because Eric and I met at Penn State, he seemed it would be the perfect spot to propose. We went up to Penn State for a few days as a surprise trip. While I thought it was a visit to see old friends, Eric had another idea. Once we arrived, we walked around campus. of course, we had to go back to the shrine and take our picture, it’s a tradition. There was a long line and Eric was pacing back and forth; I just thought he was being impatient. By the time it was our turn, Eric talked to the lady behind us to take our picture. We finally went up to the shrine, I was getting ready when all of a sudden, Eric went down on one knee and proposed. After the initial shock, I said Yes! and the rest of the people in line cheered. This was one of the happiest days for me and I will never forget that exact moment.


Wedding countdown: 30 days