With about a month to go, I need to start breaking in my shoes so it wont be so terrible the day of the wedding. After an attempt to walking around, I realized that there was VERY limited traction. I would not be too concerned except that the aisle in the church is long and all marble. It was time to think of what the options could be. Sure, I could just grip onto the closest person standing next me but that may not always be reliable. So I went onto Amazon. The cheapest option were these traction adhesives that went on the sole of the shoe. I got the clear one so it wouldn’t be as noticeable.

(cant even see the adhesives!)

Now that I have these, I am going around the house walking to test it out. Eric and I are even trying to practice for the first dance. Yea, that needs a little more time lol! On a side note, we did pick our first dance song. It’s not a traditional wedding first dance song so I think people will be surprised.


  • Mon- ~50min cardio

Wedding countdown: 32 days