Once we completed the program, it was time to determine our results. On the first day, we did a pre-test which included a mix of body measurements and activities (pull ups, push ups, etc.). These were all recorded in our planning notebook and we wouldnt see them again until the end. I had set some goals going into it. I was not looking to lose drastic amounts of weight; I just wanted to lean out, tone, and get a little stronger. When I started, I could barely do a pull up, push up, and my weight training was definitely lacking. So Eric and I woke up early and did the physical test again. I went through each activity, not even looking at my original numbers. I didnt think that I looked too much different but I felt stronger and was happy if that was all that I achieved. At the end, I went through each column and realized I did accomplished what I wanted and even a little more. I lost a few inches and leaned-out. I was able to do a lot more pull ups and push ups (not on my knees) and I doubled the number of weights I could lift and even did more reps! Considering I still ate sweets and other bad things, I think I made good progress.

We have decided to continue with P90X maintenance routine until I can restart my gym membership in July. Then at that point, I may keep up with some of the workouts and integrate then with my gym routine. I am not 100% sure at this point but I would like to keep or improve upon my results. Maybe I will try the new 60 day “insanity” program which apparently is a notch above p90x…

All I know is that I have now had every version of Publix’s chocolate ganache cake so I need to do some sort of physical activity. It is just too tasty to give up!


  • Sat- rest day
  • Sun- ~60min of my favorite stretch routine

Wedding countdown: 34 days