I realized that I needed to get moving with all of these little projects I pushed off for the wedding. With 99% of our guests coming from out of town, I wanted to make a little welcome booklet that would go in their bags. More on the bags another time. The booklet has a general welcome and includes directions to each event location, a list of little treats in the bag, and other things. We wanted to include some of our favorite restaurants in the area so that they can try them and we even included fun little facts about ourselves.

(Front cover)

We hope that this helps our guests feel a little more comfortable and sets the tone for a really fun celebration. I was even daring enough to include our contact information. Hopefully, no one will need to call us the day of the wedding! These were really easy and Microsoft Word even has a “booklet” template so most of the time was spent trying to get to content and pictures.

Pre-wedding workout: 1 day. technically we are supposed to be done tomorrow but it has been such a crazy week that we have missed some workouts. So we will carry it out so that we finish the workouts (hopefully by the next posting???)!

Wedding countdown: 38 days