Since it has been really hot outside lately, we wanted to continue working in projects that could be done indoors. So we continued to work on the dessert stand. We had to make another Home Depot stop to find metallic silver paint and brushes. The spray paint was not really working since the wood just absorbed it all on contact. Once we found what we needed, it was time to go home and work on the stand. Eric painted each tier silver and I hot glued the navy ribbon along the edge. We painted in the side den/storage area in our house and opened the doors for ventilation. This made it a little more manageable to work on versus being outside with the sun beating down. Take a look:

The middle 2 tiers have the holes drilled to hold the cake pops. I think we will finish it off by wrapping white tulle around the center pole. Yay almost finished with a project!!

Pre-wedding workout: 6 days left p90x

  • Thursday- we swapped this for a rest since we were going out this night
  • Friday- ~60min kenpo karate

Wedding countdown: 43 days