Finally made the decision and bought plane tickets for our honeymoon. We are going to Argentina!! We have been thinking and researching our trip for a couple of months but it finally became a reality when we put a deposit down on our trip and booked our plane tickets. Our trip will take us all over the country, and even briefly go into Brazil. So far, the plan is to start at Buenos Aires, then go visit Iguazu Falls (one of the world’s largest waterfalls), and then spend time in Patagonia trekking on glaciers.

(Iguazu falls Say Hueque)

(Patagonia Say Hueque)

We are very excited for this trip. Though we are not going right after the wedding, it is still exciting to plan for a fun trip later in the fall. We decided to hold off on the honeymoon since the seasons are opposite in Argentina. I think the hardest part was researching a group that could help us put together the itinerary we wanted and domestic flights, given the amount of time we will be there. All of the above pictures are from the group that we are using. I really need to find others that have been there and start getting suggestions for the trip!

Pre-wedding workout: 8 days left p90x

  • Tuesday- It was supposed to be yoga but we helped our friends move and I think carrying heavy things in hot weather counts as a substantial p90x replacement
  • Wednesday- ~75min legs, back, abs

Wedding countdown: 45 days