After deciding on having mini desserts and cake pops instead of the normal wedding cake, we started to think of how all of these desserts would be displayed at the reception. They sell all sorts of dessert stands, but I needed something that would hold the cake pops standing and the mini desserts. I decided to utilize Eric’s engineering background and had him design and build a tiered stand. After estimating the number of desserts and doing the math for all the measurements, we made a trip to Home Depot to buy supplies. Our stand will have 4 tiers, the bottom tier will hold all of the mini desserts, the middle 2 tiers will have holes drilled to hold each cake pop, and the top tier will hold a small cake for us to cut into.

(Here is the cake stand in relation to Sura to give you an idea of size)

We spent the day assembling the PVC pipe and drilling each of the wood sheets. Luckily Home Depot was able to cut the wood into the measurements that we needed so that saved us some work. Each tier measures 36×36 inch, 24×24 inch, 18×18 inch, and 12x12inch. Eric drilled screws into the pipe for each layer to rest on. After assembling, Eric painted it with primer and tomorrow will we spend time designing it for the final “look”. I am so excited and lucky that Eric was able to take my idea and make it happen! Thanks love! Stay tuned for the final product!

Pre-wedding workout: we reach the 10 days left mark of p90x!

  • Saturday- ~75min chest, shoulder, tri, abs
  • Sunday- ~50min cardio
  • Monday- ~75min back, bicep, abs

Wedding countdown: 47 days