Usually I do not mind an afternoon thunderstorm. I actually enjoy them a little, especially when I am home and the cooler air helps relieve me from the hot/humid  weather. Yesterday afternoon, we had another thunderstorm but this one ended up causing more problems. I was getting ready to start the p90x routine of the day when the rumbling and strong winds started. We have several tall trees that line our driveway so I started to watch them as they swayed in the wind. One started to move a little more than usual and in a matter of seconds I heard a crack as the trunk broke and the tree began to tilt and fall. It caught on a few power lines and a tree across the street caught the top part  preventing it from completely falling over. We immediately lost power. Fire fighters came by and taped off the perimeter around our house for safety as the tree can fall at any time. Unfortunately, this also meant that our cars were stuck since they blocked us in.

(The trunk base)

(tree leaning)

Being the dedicated workers we are, we slid our cars under the tape so that we could make it to work the next morning. As I write this post, I am sitting in Panera since we still do not have any power. It’s amazing to me how dependent I am on electricity; I felt so useless as we sat at home via candlelight. On a good note we were forced to relax doing absolutely nothing, chat, and have a few beers.  Plus it was a surprise exercise rest day which I always enjoy 🙂

Pre-wedding workout: 13 days left p90x

  • Wednesday – ~60min legs and back
  • Thurs- no power rest day
  • Fri- since we still did not have power I decided it was the perfect reason to go for an outdoor run

Wedding countdown: 50 days