Whenever I get overwhelmed with planning and to-do lists, I try to take a second and sit outside, enjoy the sunshine, and remind my self about the significance of being engaged. During my last “calming” session I started to think back on when we first met.

Eric and I both met during undergrad at Penn State. We had a few of the same friends since my sorority and his fraternity did quite a few events together. We instantly became good friends and dating just seemed like a silly thought at that point, why mess up a great friendship. While on vacation with our families that summer, we ended up running into each other at Universal Studios in Orlando, I know what are the odds?!?! Once school started again we continued to hang out and eventually decided to give dating a try.  I had been accepted to study abroad in Italy just as we started the whole dating thing. So I left thinking that it probably wouldn’t work out but we would give it a shot. Eric ended up surprising me with a visit to Italy and at that point I realized this relationship might actually be different…in a good way. Flash forward 6 years and here we are!

(Social dinner senior year)

Little did I know that Eric would be full of surprises…his proposal is a great example of that. Stay tuned!

Pre-wedding workout: 16 days left p90x

  • Monday- ~60min shoulders and arms
  • Tuesday- rest day, not feeling well 😦

Wedding countdown: 53 days