My plan was to make custom thank you cards, with our wedding pictures, to send out to our guests. In the past few days, we have received a few gifts from people who will not be able to attend but were still generous enough to send a gift (Thank you!!) We soon realized that we needed thank you cards to send before the wedding. I decided to take 2 of our engagement picture photos and make a set of custom cards on my favorite online photo store, Clark color labs.  I also used them to make the photo book guest books and the photo collage. We wanted something simple in design. Here it is:

(The front)

(The back)

I tried to stay with the blue theme having a blue flower design in the front with a black and white picture and then a smaller color picture in the back next to the writing area. It only took 5 minutes to design and customize. I ended up just ordering a set of 20 for less than $8 with envelopes.

Pre-wedding workout: 19 days left p90x

  • Friday- ~ 60min kenpo karate.  We didn’t take a rest day to make up for the past few days
  • Saturday- ~75min chest, back, abs

Wedding countdown: 56 days