Sorry vegetarians, this post is for those that love meat! I was trying to figure out how to use the pork roast that we received in our CSA package and was given the great idea of chinese roast pork from my aunt. Now, I guess I could have done some sort of BBQ recipe but that’s what everyone does and I’m not a huge BBQ fan. So, after sharing the recipe with me, I went ahead and made the pork. The meat marinated overnight and I put it in the oven the next day. Once it was finished in the oven, I went to try a piece. It tasted amazing!!! Plus the recipe was super easy, including only hoisin, pepper, and garlic.

(Fresh from the oven)

Since we had so many pieces, I got a little creative with meals utilizing my roast pork. I was also told I could package pieces and freeze for later. I made a fried rice dish, another dish with vegetables, and another chinese noodle dish. Eric loved it so much he brought it to work for lunch everyday until we ran out! Yummy!

Pre-wedding workout: 21 days left p90x…I definitely needed to work off some of this food! Although this week has been crazy at work so I had to modify and sadly shorten some of the workouts.

  • Tuesday- ~30 min cardio
  • Wednesday- ~60min plyometrics
  • Thursday- ~30 min cardio

Wedding countdown: 58 days