One of the best feelings for me is when I am able to cross something off a checklist. Over this entire engagement the checklist has gotten pretty long so I have really been trying to focus on wrapping things up as we get closer to the big day. It will be July before I know it. We decided to do the sponsor couple program as our marriage prep and it was surprisingly fantastic! We went into it thinking it would be nightly classes about religion but it wasnt like that at all! We met with another married couple that facilitated our discussions on communication, finances, expectations in marriage, and many other everyday things. But it’s not just a brief discussion, we actually went into depth on each issue. Our couple was great and Eric and I definitely learned A LOT about each other. We have definitely utilized the session on conflict resolution especially as the stress of a wedding adds up lol.

Here is our certificate:

And the best part is we just discovered we get a discount on our wedding license for participating in a pre-marital program. Added bonus! So, now I can mark this off the list and move on to the other million things 🙂

Pre-wedding workout: 24 days left p90x

  • Monday- ~75 min back, bicep, abs

Wedding countdown: 61 days