After a week with temperature near 90 everyday, the weekend was a little cloudy but much cooler. I decided to use this weekend to do things around the house and play with some recipes to use the remainder of our meat before our pick-up next weekend. Stay tuned for how the recipes went…

In between some spring cleaning, I decided that I have not worked on many of my wedding crafts so I went to finish at least one craft. With our wedding being in mid-July, I am fully aware that it will be very warm out. Due to the heat, I realize hydration is very important so I wanted to make water available to our guests, especially the wedding party since we will be outside taking pictures. Now, I try to avoid plastic water bottles but it was just the most practical way to give out water. I monitored the price for cases of bottled water and saw there was a recent special so I went to buy a few cases. Instead of having just normal water bottles, I wanted some way to personalize it without paying too much money. Enter custom water bottle labels. A water bottle label is about the same width as a regular sheet of paper. So I made a template on a word document, fitting 5 labels to a sheet. I took off the original label, wrapped my new label around the bottle and used glue dots to secure the ends together on the bottle.

Here is the final product:

This was a simple, easy, and affordable craft to add personal touches to the wedding. The only supplies you need are paper, a printer, and glue dots.

Pre-wedding workout: 25 days left p90x

  • Saturday- ~75 min chest, shoulders, tri, abs
  • Sunday- ~90 min yoga

Wedding countdown: 62 days