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I mentioned in another post that we signed up for a meat csa. Pork chops were included in our little surprise box. This week seemed to be a perfect time for our pork chops. With the weather being close to 90 everyday (its only May!) and Eric and I having crazy work schedules this week with limited cooking time, grilling just seemed like the best option. When we lived in an apartment, our complex had these great picnic areas with gas grills. After moving into the house last summer, the grill was something that we missed the most early on. So we went out to go purchase one. Now, we struggled with the decision because we wanted to invest in a nice grill but at the same time we were only renting this house and didnt want something too permanent or that would be difficult to move. We ended up getting a little Weber Grill that was the right size for the 2 of for now and we could transport it around (especially useful for tailgating!!). Plus, it was the only one we could take home in our small car! One day we really need to expand outside our 2 door vehicles…

Now there are several recipes and marinades that I use when grilling pork but this time I just really wanted to enjoy the meat. I mean ever since we switched to eating this local, natural, organic meat you can just see/taste the difference. So we did some simple seasoning with sea salt and pepper and tossed them on the grill.

Yum! We had these with some string beans and a little mashed sweet potato. I had these handy since it was the special at the farmers market. Just as a fyi, make sure to trim off the fat after cooking otherwise you risk drying out the meat!

Pre-wedding workout: 27 days left p90x

  • Thurs- ~60 min kenpo karate
  • Fri-~ rest day

Wedding countdown: 64 days