Choosing a bridesmaid dresses was a lot easier than I anticipated. I wish all wedding related decisions were this easy! I knew going into it that I wanted the dress to be “wear-able” and not look too much like a typical bridesmaid dress. So one weekend when all of the girls could get together (everyone lives in different locations across the country), we set out to find the dress. Nordstrom had several dresses in dark blue so we went there and had the associate pull every dress in the right color blue. There were several favorites but we needed one that all 4 girls liked. After just trying a few on, we saw a dress that looked mediocre on the hanger but I thought we should give it a try, after all it was a BCBG dress. (Now, I will admit that I am biased and loveee everything BCBG.) To everyone’s excitement, it looked great on the girls and was chosen to be the one! It’s a really pretty blue spaghetti strap dress. We wanted something knee-length since the wedding is in July after all. I like the design and I think it photographs well. But most importantly, everyone liked it!

If they didn’t choose that dress, I probably would have just bought it for myself 🙂 So in the period of 1-2 hours, we had one less thing on the to-do list. Total breeze

Here are 2 of the girls trying the dress on:

(2 of my bridesmaids playing model for the day, thanks ladies!)

Pre-wedding workout: 29 days left p90x

  • Wednesday- ~75min legs, back, abs

Wedding countdown: 66 days