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Happy Mothers Day to all moms. Today was a beautiful day in Atlanta. One of my favorite things about warm weather is the frozen treats, especially Wendy’s chocolate frosty. While reading the AJC  newspaper, I saw that they had a special deal. Basically, if you give a one time $1 donation to the Dave Thomas Foundation for adoption you get a frosty key tag. Everytime you go to Wendy’s and order anything (as little as a small fry or drink), you get a free Jr Frosty until the end of October. Of course, I had to stop by and make sure this was real. So I went to my local Wendy’s and purchased the key tag to begin getting free Jr frostys.

My jr frosty and frosty key tag

A chocolate frosty was exactly what I needed today and the size is just enough to satisfy my frozen treat cravings but it will not set me too far back with p90x workouts! I think the deal is good for all Wendy’s in the Southeast.

Pre-wedding workout: 32 days left of p90x

  • Saturday- ~75min chest, back, and abs. Serious workout! I couldnt feel my arms the rest of the day!
  • Sunday- ~60min plyometrics

Wedding Countdown: 69 days