I had the opportunity to take a mini trip up to Philadelphia. It was a nice break from work and fun seeing old college friends.

(I love the view when flying)

My good friend from college (and bridesmaid) has finished dental school so I thought it would be a great time to go up and celebrate her accomplishment. I realized several things during my trip.

  1. I have no tolerance for cold weather. Living in Atlanta has made me accustomed to 80 degree weather in May, not 60-70.
  2. I am really “car-dependent” living down here. Those that live in Atlanta know that this is NOT a walker friendly city. We literally walked every inch of Philadelphia and it was great being able to walk to everything, although the first few hours took some adjusting. I also did not pack any walker friendly shoes.
  3. I love cheesesteaks and all the unhealthy food I consumed over the weekend. I will say Philadelphia has several amazing restaurants but the cheesesteaks are definitely what did it for me.

(In the park at UPenn)

Overall it was a great time 🙂

Pre-wedding workout: 34 days left p90x

  • Thursday- ~75min yoga
  • Friday- rest day

Wedding countdown: 71 days