So, with P90x and trying to get in shape for the wedding (and maybe continue afterwards??), I decided that I should try to eat a little healthier. All of this working out makes me hungry every hour of the day so I have been thinking that I need to be aware of what I am eating. I love all foods and believe in balanced meals of protein, fruit, and veg so instead of cutting back (which would be impossible for me) I needed to just improve the types of food I am eating.

I first considered signing up for a fruit and veg CSA (communities supporting agriculture). CSAs promote eating local foods that tend to be natural and organic. Unfortunately, Eric is not a huge vegetable person so signing up for that kind of CSA would make it so that I would have to eat it all by myself and I didn’t want to risk not keeping up and the food going bad. That would be wasteful. After researching, I found that they had sign-ups for a meat CSA. This was perfect since Eric LOVES meat and we could both eat the deliveries.  A local farm, Riverview, allows people to sign up for deliveries based on weight to pick up monthly. You do not know what you will get which I think really forces me to get creative with cooking our meals. All of the meat is certified organic, hormone-free, and the beef comes from grass-fed cows. Plus, I am supporting local GA agriculture. Here is what we got in our first pick-up:

We got an array of Berkshire pork, beef, and even some homemade bratwurst. We slowly are going through making different meals and it all tastes fantastic. You can definitely tell the difference. If you are looking to eat a little better and support local farms, I highly recommend signing up!

Pre-wedding workout: 36 days left p90x

  • Tuesday- ~60 min stretch—-I love recovery week!
  • Wednesday- ~60min core synergistics

Wedding countdown: 73 days