Eric and I are huge college football fans (go penn state!) so around this time of year, we start to countdown to the fall when the season starts. We attempted to go watch the Penn State spring game a few weekends ago but sadly they weather did not cooperate and there wasnt a game. Lucky for us, GaTech is in Atlanta and that is Eric’s 2nd favorite team since he went to grad school there. We found out they were having their spring practice game intown and lucky for us, it was 80 degrees and sunny. So we drove out the stadium and watched some football in an attempt to hold us over until football season starts 🙂

Ga Tech has a pretty cool trolley that takes people around campus

The thing that makes this stadium really neat is that it is located in the middle of Atlanta surrounded by skyscrapers. This is very different from what we are used to at Penn State, a stadium surrounded by farm land.

(Yay we are so happy to watch some football, even if it is just a practice game!)

Pre-wedding workout: 42 days left p90x

  • Tuesday- ~40 min yoga, I had to take it easy on some of the moves since my arm was still sore from hurting it the day before.
  • Wednesday- ~75 min legs, back, abs
  • Thursday- ~60 min kenpo karate

Wedding countdown: 79 days