The first sign of warm weather…thunderstorms. Thunderstorms can be very intriguing to watch and listen to, as long as you arent stuck outside. I have some of my most relaxing nights sitting by the window during a storm. Tonight is definitely a night for taking it easy. While working out earlier this afternoon, I felt a sharp sting and slight tearing sensation on my left arm while lifting. NOT GOOD. I am hoping it is just sore and that I dont have a real injury. I have made it half way through and it would suck to stop now…more like devastating! So, I am taking it easy tonight resting with a cup of tea and luckily tomorrow is yoga night. Keeping my fingers crossed my arm feels better tomorrow.

I guess since I cant really do anything, I will work on the guest list. I keep putting it off but I will get this figured out!

Pre-wedding workout: 45 days left p90x. I made it to the half-way point! Lets hope I can finish the program

  • Monday-~ 75min biceps, back, abs. I finished the routine even with my arm hurting. Maybe not the smartest thing

Wedding countdown: 82 days