Ok, before I go any further, these were semi DIY. I went through and picked the flower combination, designed the ribbons around the vases and decided to do groupings of 3, the bulk of the work was actually done with the assistance of my wedding planner. She isnt a florist (and the last thing I wanted to do was spend money on expensive florists) but we decided that centerpieces can be done by ourselves and still look really pretty.

My planner has a collection of square vases in various heights so I really wanted to incorporate them into the centerpieces. This set of 3 will be one type of centerpiece which will be alternated with a calla lily centerpiece. The navy ribbon matches our color theme/bridesmaid dresses perfectly. Since our colors are navy and white, I used yellow roses as an accent color with a few white daisies scattered. To arrange the flowers, tape was used on the top of the vases to form a grid and hold the flowers in place and upright.

I looveeee these centerpieces since they are really simple yet elegant 🙂

Pre-wedding workout: 49 days p90x

(Still feeling a little sick but I made it through the workouts this time)

  • Wednesday- ~75 min legs, back, abs
  • Thursday- ~60 kenpo karate

Wedding countdown: 86 days