Blue and White… no I am not talking about my wedding colors, but rather my awesome weekend at Penn State.

Eric and I decided to plan a last minute trip to PA for blue/white weekend (thank you mark and katie for the extra encouragement, it was worth it). We flew up to Pittsburgh and drove to penn state with some of our friends. Once we arrived, we immediately got ready to head out for some good times. We had every intention of watching the spring game (which is kind of the point of blue/white) but the bad weather was just too much of a deterrent. In the end, we were able to catch up with old friends and even Eric’s brother came up for one of the nights. Sadly, it was time to return to reality and we were back in Atlanta late Sun night…just in time for work. Boo

I learned several things during this trip:

  1. I have lost all tolerance to cold weather 
  2. My money goes a lot farther going out there compared to living in a city
  3. I cannot recover from going out at night as fast as I used to
  4. Every trip to penn state will always be way more fun than expected and I cannot wait to go back

Pre-wedding workout: 52 days left p90x

ha my workouts pretty much did not exist the past few days

  • Friday- ~75min chest, back, abs
  • Saturday- enjoying the weekend
  • Sunday- enjoying the weekend
  • Monday- ~75min legs, back, abs

wedding countdown: 89 days