So, this past week, I experienced what a lot of people usually experience at 12-13yrs old…Contacts!

My eyes have never been too terrible. It gets a little blurry looking far away but I have gotten by just fine with having my glasses on the side. I decided that it might be nice to actually see people’s faces and their expressions during the wedding so I decided it was time to try out contact lenses. I made an appointment and received my subscription for a trial this week. While going through this week, I began to wonder whether I really needed to see people’s faces. I was so frustrated that it took so long to put on and take off. My eyes were red from poking at them so much and I had awful headaches from my eyes trying to adjust.

Luckily, this was just the first few days and my eyes finally started to adapt. I no longer have headaches and have watched several videos on how to efficiently put on/remove each contact. I dont think I will use them on an everyday basis but I was surprised to see how clear my vision could be. For now, the plan is to wear them a few times during the week which should be enough time to practice before the wedding. 

Pre-wedding workout: 56 days left  p90x

  • Wednesday- ~75 min legs, back, and abs
  • Thursday- ~rest day–I am swapping with tomorrow’s rest day

Wedding countdown: 93 days