Today is day 30 of P90x!! Yay I made it 1/3 of the way without giving up. After a week of recovery it was time to switch to phase 2. We decided to switch to a more intense level for phase 2 and I can definitely feel the change. Most of the routine is the same but we swapped in one more day of weight training and we changed to a more intense cardio routine, plyometrics

I do not think I have ever sweat as much as I did after this routine. But it was such an amazing feeling. I am sooo excited for phase 2. We also decided to take our “30 day” pictures to compare to our baseline. I am happy to say we are both seeing changes. It would probably be better results if I could completely change my diet but I just enjoy food too much. Plus, my parents visited this past week and that meant tons of food, plus homemade filipino food thanks to my mom 🙂

Pre-wedding workout: 60 days

  • Friday- Rest day. I know, this was supposed to be a workout day since I rested Thurs but it was yoga and I was just so tired.
  • Saturday- ~75 min chest, shoulder,  triceps, and abs
  • Sunday- ~6o plyometrics. The hardest workout yet!

Wedding countdown: 97 days. We are down to double digits. Soooo exciting!