Ahh the best part of wedding planning…eating! We ended up doing dessert tasting before the actual meals. My parents are visiting Atlanta to help finalize wedding details so of course we scheduled all of the tastings during their visit. Eric was very excited since he has been waiting for this moment ever since we got engaged.

So we decided that we wanted miniature desserts to go along with our cake pops I mentioned a few posts ago. One of our awesome friends is an amazing baker and she has offered to make our desserts for our wedding to give it a “personal” touch. I was very excited that she could do something so wonderful for us. After tossing around dessert ideas, it was time to taste!

We have it narrowed to key lime tarts, cheesecake bites, red velvet whoopie pies, and fruit tarts. They were all delicious and I cannot wait to share these with everyone. Although, it is slightly slowing down my workouts.

Oh well 🙂

Pre-wedding workout: 63 days left in p90x

  • Tuesday- ~60min stretch. AMAZING. I was a little hesitant on the idea of stretching for an hour but this was fantastic and much needed. I think p90x stretch may be my favorite
  • Wednesday- ~50min cardio
  • Thurs- This was supposed to be yoga but I was exhausted. So I made this day a rest day and swapped it with Fri

Wedding countdown: 100 Days