I originally wanted to have a canvas photo collage to display at the guest book table. After realizing that a photo collage canvas would start at $35 for a small size, it wasnt looking too likely that we would have one. Then I started to think of ways to improvise. The online photo printing store that I like had photo collage posters. This is the same site I used for the Photobooks I mentioned before. They were running a special on collage products so I was able to order a 20×30 collage poster for under $10. Then I went on Amazon and bought 2 20×30 foam boards so it would be as thick as a canvas. All it took was some spray adhesive, and I had my own collage photo “canvas” for under $20. I plan on using the extra foam board for the seating display. Check it out!

The foam board and spray adhesive:

 The final product:


The photo poster really turned out better than I expected. Maybe I’ll make another to hang on our empty white walls?!?!

Pre-wedding workout: 66 days left p90x

This week is “recovery” week which is the transition to Phase 2 of the program. I am excited I have made it this far! I’m planning on doing a 30 day picture at the end of the week to see any progress. I do feel hungry more often throughout the day but can only take in small amounts. Hopefully, this is a sign of positive changes in my metabolism.  🙂

  • Saturday- ~85 min yoga
  • Sunday- ~60 min core synergistics
  • Monday- ~60 min kenpo karate

Wedding countdown: 103 days