If the shoe fits, buy it in every color. I saw this quote on a magnet somewhere. It kind of reminds me of my current shoe situation. I have been trying to decide what shoe to wear for the wedding. I have been leaning towards a dark blue shoe since that is my wedding color and it could be my “something blue” but finding the right shoe has been difficult. So after searching different options online, I decided to just buy the ones I really like and decide based on how it looks on me. Thanks to the online store, Endless, I can buy all the shoes I want and have them shipped for free overnight. Plus return shipping is free and I get a complete refund. AWESOME. Well, my top 3 options arrived today

I was so excited that the blue color matched my wedding colors perfectly. The white shoe is absolutely beautiful and classic. Ooohhh decisions. I love them all but sadly I cannot justify the expense of keeping them, Eric might not understand…lol. Now I just need to sit and think about it and hopefully the right choice will come to me! Ahhhh Help!!!

Pre-wedding workout: 72 days left P90x

  • Monday- ~75min shoulder, arms, abs
  • Tuesday- ~85min yoga 

Wedding countdown: 109 days