It is starting to look like springtime in Atlanta. The temperatures have been up near 80, blue skies, trees and flowers blooming, and pollen counts at 2000+. Yes, you read it right, 2000! Atlanta is one city you want to avoid in the spring if you have pollen allergies. I, luckily, do not have allergies but with that many particles it can still be irritating.

With the good weather sticking around for the past few days, we decided to make use of it and do much-needed wedding errands. One stop included looking at tuxedo options. I didn’t even know there were so many options, different fabrics, colors, collar styles, etc. Eric narrowed it down to these 2 styles:

(Peaked panel style)

(Shawl panel style)

It is basically a difference in the satin panels along the edge of the coat. Looks like there are more decisions to be made, for Eric… 🙂

Pre-wedding workout:

  • Monday- ~75 min shoulder, arms, abs
  • Tuesday- ~85min yoga
  • Wednesday- 75 min leg,  back, and abs. We did this one at 5am since I had to leave for a work trip in the afternoon


Wedding countdown: 115 days