I feel like all of my tasks have been revolving around these invitations. I was hoping that by this point they would be mailed out. While prepping to take to the post office, I realized that the flaps were not closing and I needed to come up with a way to make it work. The easy way would have been to put a piece of tape or sticker to hold the flap down. But, we spent so much time working on these invitations, I just couldn’t justify taking that route. Thankfully, I found a fairly simple solution…envelope gum!

This tiny little bottle has enough “gum” for 1000+ envelopes for $5. Basically, all I had to do was put a thin layer on the end of the flap, seal the envelope, dry, and done! Since it is a pretty strong adhesive, I have tons of other crafts I think this would be perfect for.

The same day I got the gum, another package arrived. With P90x starting on Saturday, we needed various weights since I am not a huge fan of the resistance bands. We ordered a weight stand and 200+ lbs worth of hand weights plus free shipping (thanks amazon!)

Can you imagine all of this arrived in one box?! Lets just say the delivery guy definitely got his workout bringing it up our driveway to the doorstep. 🙂

Pre-wedding workout:

  • Tuesday- 65 min weight training
  • Wednesday- 30min run, 30 min abs


Wedding countdown: 128 days